Imagine a world where your data…and other peoples’ data…is mixed-up, stirred and shaken until it combines, fuses and transforms itself to create new opportunities.

The Web Observatory is a system that locates and makes visible your metadata or, if you choose, your actual data, apps and projects from around the world. It has common technical standards, safe guards, collection and analysis tools, to allow us to observe the web and use the intelligence it holds in new and exciting ways.

There are 3 ways to get involved with the Web Observatory

See and be seen

SEE who’s already shining a spot light on their work


JOIN an existing Web Observatory, add your own stuff and join the Community


CREATE your own Web Observatory

The Web Observatory is sponsored by the Web Science Trust (WST), a global not for profit institution.

WST has a network of web science research laboratories (WSTNet) in 15 leading universities around the world including Brazil, China, Korea, Europe and US. WSTNet bring together some of the world’s leading academic researchers in Web Science and develops new academic programmes that will enhance the already growing influence of Web Science.

The Web Observatory draws from the community of the WSTNet labs and well beyond.

More on WST

Level 01


People and businesses are shining a spotlight on the information that they hold… about pollution levels in a particular city, art events taking place, traffic flows, web trends…you name it… it’s being highlighted in the Web Observatory. Come and see what people are sharing – explore the metadata and see if something lights your spark because the unexpected is happening all the time – seemingly random pieces of data are being combined by communities of users like you in innovative, unexpected and disruptive ways.

See this

Researchers in web developments reviewed the data from the web observatory to plot haze levels in Asia, view here.

Come and SEE the metadata, datasets and apps that are being shared .

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Level 02


Come and join an existing Web Observatory, add your own stuff and join the Community

You can add metadata about the data sets that you have or you can go the whole way and share the actual data – its your choice and you stay in control. We have developed common technical standards, safe guards, collection and analysis tools that allow you to share as much or as little as you want. You chose who can use it and how, if it is free or must be licensed. We even have a standard licensing agreement to make it even easier to join an existing Web Observatory

Click here to see the Southampton University’s Web Observatory.

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Level 03


Are you a large dataset owner serving a specific community?

Using purpose-built software you can create and run your own Web Observatory. If you are interested let us know at

Whichever route you take, it’s always up to you how much or little you want to share and with whom. YOU are always in total control.